The therapy

Making the first step to work on yourself can be intimidating. In a welcoming and calming space, I accompany the patient in the exploration of his difficulties, and help him develop a better understanding of himself – of his behaviors, emotions and thoughts.

Thanks, especially, to the use of EMDR therapy – that allows to work on the past traumas, and to reinforce the necessary ressources to reach once goals – the patient will be able to free himself from the emotional weight of his painful past experiences, of the anxiety and bad self-esteem that result from it. He will then be able to live in a more harmonious and adapted way.


The therapist does not juge the patient’s words, and welcomes with benevolence and neutrality any words, thoughts, emotions that are expressed.

The professional confidentiality is one of the main principles of the bound of trust between the patient and his therapist.


The session:

A session lasts from 45 minutes to an hour.

The duration of a therapy depends of everyone’s story, and therefore cannot be determined in advance.

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